We have been a stable employer for over 75 years

KOH-I-NOOR Mlada Vozice a.s. is part of the traditional Czech investment group GES GROUP HOLDING, which concentrates its activities in the field of media, through real estate and agriculture, to production.

The company focuses its business on the aerosol product industry, which continues to grow and we grow with it. Together with approximately 160 employees, we produce over half a billion products annually.

Currently, the company is undergoing a significant transformation, within which we want to achieve the ambitious goal of doubling sales. All this together with investments in the most modern technologies, our own R&D department and an emphasis on production from sustainable materials.

We are very well aware that it is not possible without you, reliable and skilled people! Our team is comprised of diverse talents and experience. So join us and you!


stable career growth

competitive salary


extra vacation

subsidized corporate meals

CONVENIENT mobile tariff for all family


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