KOH-I-NOOR Mlada Vozice increases presence in the European market and beyond

published on Jan 17, 2023

Our CEO, Jakub Malota, has recently spoken with World Aerosols about company’s journey, adapting to market turbulence and KIN’s sustainability goals.

“We believe sustainability is one of the most important topics in our industry and we can do a lot to enhance it. Our mantra is ‘conscious consumption’. 

Not only do we use recycled material, but we also work on reducing internal production waste and limiting the number of inputs. This is most visible in our plastic actuators and caps production. 

During the injection moulding process, we regrind scrap and re-use it in the production process. During the design of new products, we focus on making them as light as possible to use less material overall. 

The effect is twofold. First, we make the planet greener, and second, we can provide more cost-effective products to our customers. ”

You can find full interview with Jakub Malota in January/February 2023 edition of World Aerosols magazine!

Or read it at free-to-read preview here.

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