Semi-Swirling Aerosol Button


Semi-Swirling Aerosol Button VP2.1 is suitable for male aerosol valves with stem diameter of 4 mm.
This body of the aerosol button is a part of the large two-part semi-swirling sprayer having a high dispensing volume.
Combined with a suitable nozzle facilitates semi-swirling or rough spray characteristics or an application tube can be installed.

It is made of polypropylene.

For this button VP2.1 are suitable these nozzles:

– nozzle red P1-50 – semi-swirling, circular spray characteristic, insert 0.50 mm
– yellow nozzle P1-100 – semi-swirling, circular spray characteristic, insert 1.00 mm
– blue nozzle S1- special nozzle suitable for dispensing products in form of non-dispensed jets directed to inaccessible places
– black nozzle S2 – special nozzle for rough spray characteristic or for application tube of a desired lenght and the outer diameter of 2mm


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